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Answers For Your SEO Questions

SEO or search engine optimization speaks of the positioning of your web site in the main search engines. Currently, the most used search engine is the giant Google. This is very important because it indicates how internet users will find your site. Therefore if your web site is positioned in the first places of search results, you will sell more your products or services. This will also bring you more organic traffic, therefore, more sales and ROI. Now you know better how important SEO really is.

First, you must set realistic goals based on your current budget and expectation. Then, the most critical step takes place. Create an effective strategy based on website requirements. I will perform an in-depth SEO audit of your site. To see what can be improved or changed in terms of internal structure, categories, etc. Keyword research, content creation, internal ranking distribution, among others.Here the most important because depending on the page (if it is news, a blog, a business, etc.), you should see what suits you best in that study of keywords.For example, Your site sells SEO services in Cyprus. You may want to focus on positioning your website on Google for keywords such as “SEO agencies in Cyprus,” “where to marketing agencies in Limassol,” “Cyprus local SEO,” etc.Having a blog on your website is a must, to drive organic traffic because it brings unique and valuable leads through the content, which might spike your sales.As you can see, many things will get done. You need to stop wanting and start acting.

SEO exits in two broad groups:
On-site: On-site rests on relevancy, ensuring that the web is ready for search engine to understand the main topic, what is the content onsite all about. Within the On-site, we include targeted keyword, loading time, user experience, code optimization, and URL structure, etc.
Off-site: Off-site is the branch of SEO focusing on external factors, the critical Kpis for off-site optimization are back links quality, social presence, local media, authority, and ranking. The CTR that our Results in a search engine. Surely you think that all this is very good and that it is exciting. But that you are here to know why you need SEO on your website and what benefits you will get if you integrate it into your online, strategy.

Paid traffic you find them appearing on top of organic results.They are managed from Adwords, which is Google’s advertising system. Customers who pay each time a user clicks on your ad.Organic results are those below paid ads and belong to the free traffic offered by the search engines.

Before contracting any SEO service, you must first determine which type of SEO will get executed on your site. We have to consider that doing SEO by using Black Hat techniques might give us some advantages over our competitors, but also some not desirable consequences. You must address this with your SEO team, avoiding exposing your domain to get penalized as a result of some black hat action taken to improve SEO, neither now nor in the Future. And work on improving rank positioning of a website using a clear strategy and not violating any rule or recommendation search engines published in their documentation. Search Engine Optimization gets executed in two ways: 1- On-Page 2- Off-Page

The On-Page SEO groups several aspects related to our website. Things we can, fix, delete, code, site structure, content, internal links, UX-UI, speed. Including hosting related, geographic. It is one of the most famous faces of SEO. On-Page tuning represents your first stage.

The Off-Page SEO talks about the outside of our website, things we cannot directly control. The clearest example you find it on backlinksHere you can find some KPIs we must focus on when performing Off-Page optimization: Bounce rate, Dwelling time, Sites linking to usEntry Pages (where the visitor comes from) and exit pages (pages where users leave), among others.

Perhaps one of the most important components of our site. It represents the bases on which the site runs.If we want our project to perform with quality we must a high-performance hosting.

Crawling: Searches for content that is useful to the user's query, reviewing the code for each URL that crosses its path.Indexing: This part stores and organizes the content that is found during the crawl process. The results appear as a list.Ranking: Position up or down in SERPs the compatible content with the search queries based on the most relevant content.

A backlink is just a URL placed in another domain pointing back to our site. Backlinks, for all search engines, consider it as the first ranking factor to determine the strength of a domain and a URL.Now, it is not about having lots of backlinks, we aim to have relevant and high authoritative sites pointing back to our site.

Our Services

Managed SEO

We take care of everything related to your Organic Traffic. from Website optimization to content marketing 

Social Marketing

52% of world's population uses social networks. This huge audience represents a vast market of opportunity for any company.


It is not enough just with create a campaign, add some funds, and you are set. You need effective campaigns. We have you covered    


Without backlinks, is difficult to rank your site in search engines to get visitors. We take care, you just see your ranks going up.


Positioning as an authority in your niche and building a reputation is crucial for success in any market and industry.

Web Design & Development

You need a professional website, a magnet site that attracts all eyes, easy to use and meets search engines rules 100%.

Content Marketing

It purpose is to attract potential leads through relevant and quality content, to make turn them into customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the key to the heart and, bank, of your customers. Sounds pretty funny, but it's true. Discover why.

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